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Student and Mentor (Ch. 20) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 1 13
Student and Mentor Ch. 20 (sneak peak) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 1 7
Mature content
Student and Mentor (Ch. 19) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 3 4
Student and Mentor Ch. 19 (sneak peak) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 1 0 Janelock :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 3 6
Student and Mentor (Ch. 18)
Later that night, Sherlock was playing the violin on his chair when Patrick came back down the stairs, dressed in his navy blue suit. The detective stopped and looked up at the blond.
"Where are you going?"
"Back to the church," Jane replied.
"Oh. Okay."
Must be going to inform Reverend Majcher about the case.
Jane placed his phone on the lounge table and leaned over Sherlock to give him a sweet kiss.
"...Don't take too long," the brunet whispered.
Jane smiled, softly sliding his tongue along Sherlock's bottom lip and whispering back.
"I'll try not to."
The blond then left the flat, saying goodbye to Mrs. Hudson on the way out.
A few minutes later, Jane drove up in front of the church, parking in the car park and stepping out into the cool night air and heading for the grand building. Someone else was about to go through the entrance when they saw the blond and held the door open for him. Jane found the man a bit sketchy looking, but chose to smile anyway. He was short and weari
:icontime-moose:Time-Moose 2 9
Student and Mentor (Ch. 17)
The next morning, Patrick was in his room going through the box in his closet, pinning up every last report and every photo onto his walls, though the pictures of Charlotte and Angela remained in the box. Once everything was up and in an organised mess, two of the walls were covered in red and white. Every last witness report, every last bit of found evidence, every last smiley face was on those walls, and Jane took a step back and looked at them for a long time. The look on his face was distant, determined, and intense.
"......What the hand...dare seize the fire...."
"....William Blake."
The blond turned his head around and there was Sherlock, dressed in his nightgown and pajama bottoms, shirtless. He held a cuppa in his hands, Jane's cup, and he offered it to him.
"Mrs. Hudson bought your tea, and yes, I poured the milk first."
"Thank you," Jane smiled and took the cup and saucer.
Sherlock took one glance up his boyfriend's frame before standing beside him.
"...You didn't go to bed l
:icontime-moose:Time-Moose 0 3
Mature content
Student and Mentor (Ch. 16) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 1 5
Female Zravnis (Demon of The Nine) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 7 1 Female Zravnis (Download) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 2 1 Female Human Zravnis :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 14 3 Female Human Zravnis (Download) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 6 1 Human Zravnis :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 16 3 Human Zravnis Skin (Download) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 8 6 Zravnis (Demon of The Nine) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 8 3 Zravnis Skin (Download) :icontime-moose:Time-Moose 6 1

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Sad Cutecookies Mascot I'm sorry about what happen on the phone.
Time-Moose Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I just wanted your opinion on where I did a good job on, or which parts touched your heart, or if you think certain things are how a character would react, or parts I could do better at. I'm not good with verbal communication, so it was hard to say what I was hoping you'd bring up.
DayDreamPrincess Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Well, I loved the parts where Smora was staying close by Bilbo's side, trying her best to cheer him up with her company. That was really adorable and heartwarming.

As for the rest of the story. You did a really good job... As I was reading it, I felt Bilbo's pain in my heart... Then again, I too would be heartbroken like that if anything terrible happened to you.

To me, the world wouldn't be the same without you. Then what would be a point of going on with my life if you aren't around anymore..... You're special and so is your stories. You've given me a key to escape from this boring world and into a fantasy paradise.

I thank you for that, my dear friend.
Time-Moose Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know how I feel about getting that kind of praise...No one really...cares about me like that. So, you don't have to decorate your compliments to me with such words. Sure, I would hope someone to think of me that way, but I just don't know who...No one like that I feel exists. So compliments on my characters are the best I can get. Maybe that's why I'm so dependent on them? To fill that void of...abandonment? Worthlessness? This is something my therapist could probably answer.
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♡ Happy Birthday ♡
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It was yesterday.
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